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Gazeal provides clarity and trust in a property sale and ends Gazumping and Gazundering. Click below, to get Priority Access to our crowdfunding campaign.

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Our Mission

At Gazeal, our mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind service that allows property to be bought and sold with low risk and increased certainty, providing all parties with 100% transparency, all within a suitable timeframe.

Gazeal enables you to reserve a property sale and remove the risk of Gazumping and Gazundering, using our fully digital award-winning platform.

The Safest way to buy and sell your home

In the UK, approximately 300,000 property sales collapse each year. With Gazeal, we have dramatically decreased the failure rate by 70%.

We ask sellers to provide key information about the property on listing and make it available to the buyer before offer, helping them make an informed decision. This is shared with estate agents and conveyancers, saving time and providing transparency right from the start of the moving process. Both parties then decide on the level of commitment that they wish to make to each other without having to worry about old fashioned holding deposits.

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