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Monopoly just does not reflect the UK market.

You land on a property, you buy it, and then you roll again and move on and buy another. This may be the way that it works in the rest of the world, but in the UK this is just not realistic. So, we are now introducing an exciting property game that will truly reflect the UK market that we plan to call “Gazumped”

Free Gazumped packs available for Estate Agents who want to embrace the 'New Norm'

'Do not pass Go': New realistic rival to Monopoly reflects UK's 'broken' moving process.

Gazumpeda rival to compete with Hasbro’s world-famous Monopoly, the difference being that it is made to reflect the UK property market.

The Ultimate Anti Gazumping Card

It's just like the 'Get out of jail free' card but more useful when buying a home in the UK. Use this card to protect your Sale and avoid Gazumping by other players. 

Gazumped rated 4.5 by Board Game Geek

Here are the improvements on the world-famous game Monopoly.

Realistic Transaction times

When you land on a property, you can make an offer to buy it and to reflect the current transaction times, you then have to go around the Board three times before you can actually buy it. If anyone else lands on the property in the meanwhile, they can make a higher offer, making your offer invalid, and they have to go around the board three times before they can buy it.

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WTF?!? Chance Cards

In Monopoly, an element of randomness is added by the “Chance” cards. We do not feel that these in any way reflect the UK market, so, while you are going around the Gazumped board three times, you may land on “WTF?!?”, and we have introduced WTF?!? Chance cards that we feel are suitable for the UK market.

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Reservation Counters: Avoid Gazumping

Our Booster pack comes with 5 Reservation Counters.

When you land on a property, you can Reserve it by placing your reservation counter on the property and complete the transaction faster without the fear of the other players Gazumping you during their turn. 

Each player is given one counter at the start and they can collect more when they Gazump other players. 

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WTF?!? Cards reflect what the UK market is really about

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Limited edition- 100 exclusive Gazump packs that reflect the UK market.

Pack contents-10 WTF! Chance Cards and 5 Reservation Counters. 

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UK property market rated 0.5 by Buyers and Sellers

Realistic Buying process

Unlike Monopoly, our game takes over eight months to finish. We are committed to the principle that our games should be realistic as well as entertaining.