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47,000 Property Sales have collapsed in 66 days.

Since the start of 2022, not including new build homes. 

Every 2 minutes a sale falls through. 

1442 people per day are seeing their hard-earned cash thrown away.

assuming each transaction has 2 people involved. 

With Gazeal you have a solution to protect your Sellers and Buyers. 

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Prevention is better than cure!

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Find a buyer who is willing to show commitment at the very start so you have peace of mind that your sale is safe.

Safe Sale. 

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A Preferred Buyer will show commitment at the very start.

Your price is protected.

Avoid Gazundering.

Preferred Buyer.

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Become a Preferred Buyer and show the Seller you are serious and willing to commit.

Stand out from other Buyers.

Avoid Gazumping.

Show the Seller you are serious and willing to commit.

Instant Reservation. 

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Protect your pipeline from uncertainty and get to exchange Faster and Safer.

Stop your next sale from falling apart.

Use it on any sale, at any time.

No Gazeal integration. No fees or contracts. Use Instantly.

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Unlock all the benefits of working with gazeal and impress your Sellers and Buyers with the 'Best Ever' USP. 

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Law Society licensed digital legal packs.

Anti money laundering checks and Title checks.

Reservation guarantee.

Training and Admin support.

Committed to improving the home moving process for Sellers, Buyers and Estate Agents. 

Sell or Buy any property without the risk of Gazumping or Gazundering.

Anti-money laundering checks.

Free AML checks for your Sellers and Buyers. 

Available only to Gazeal approved agents.

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Additional services available to Gazeal Approved Agents.

Declaration of offer forms.

Free digitally integrated forms white-labelled for your agency.

Available only to Gazeal approved agents. 

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Law Society Licensed Digital Legal Packs. 

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All properties will require 'material information' to be displayed when listing. Learn more 

Get compliant for free with Gazeal. 

Over 625 Estate Agents use our Reservation Agreements to Secure their Sales...

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UK's No. 1 provider of Digital Reservation Agreements and Upfront Seller Information.


Move Home with CertaintyTransparencySecurity.

Helping thousands of Sellers get Sale Ready for Free.

Sellers provide material information about their property when they list, saving valuable time during the sale. As recommended by Trading Standards.

Digital Reservation Agreement.

Parties commit to each other at point of sale reducing the risk of the sale collapsing. 


Gazeal transforms the way you buy and sell your home.

Sellers provide upfront information about their property

Buyer makes an informed offer and Sale is Secured with a Reservation Agreement

Committed parties enjoy a stress free sale

With Gazeal you can reserve a sale and slash the time between offer and exchange. This means a faster, more secure home moving process. 


Trusted by Agents and 

Home movers across the country.

Receive up to £10,000* if your property move collapses.